What Mic do Youtubers Use? The Top-Most Microphones for YouTube Videos

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Filming the YouTube videos is not an easy task as it not only requires a 3K-4K video quality but the sound system has to be effective enough to create an interesting yet professional video. The people of today’s generation are fortunate enough to get the chance to choose from the top-class microphones for YouTube at reasonable yet competitive rates. In order to buy a microphone, you must consider several factors such as your budget, the videos you desire to post, and what mic do Youtubers use? Here are the few points to think about before choosing a mic.

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 You will not be able to take this from the box and then plug it right into a computer given it isn't a USB microphone.It just need an XLR cable to link it into an audio port or perhaps a voice recorder and  ideal for home studio recording

  • Frequency Range: 20Hz - 20kHz

  • Self noise of only 5dB (A)

  • 10 year extended warranty

  • Maximum Output Level: 13.7mV

Value for money  - 4.7

Product Quality - 4.8

Sound Quality - 4.9

Performance - 4.8

Durability - 4.8

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To ensure capture stunning audio and delivers broadcast quality sound directly to your computer with the portable USB. It is ideal for recording music and podcasts

  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid and Omnidirectional

  • 1 year warranty

  •  2 x Electret condenser

  • Plug and play with any computers

  • Frequency Range: Cardioid: 80Hz–18kHz; Omni: 20Hz–20kHz

Value for money  - 4.7

Product Quality - 4.7

Sound Quality - 4.6

Performance - 4.7

Durability - 4.7

Best Mic for YouTubers

  • What Type of YouTube Videos – Generally, there are diverse microphones available in the market as per the demands of the people. However, it is essential to pick up the one according to your YouTube videos. For instance, if your videos are related to non-intrusive interviews, performances, and even pranks, then Lavalier microphones is the best fit for you. At the same time, you might need camera microphones if you are shooting the film without utilizing a computer.
  • Budget – the next factor is what price of microphone you are expecting to purchase. If you are looking out for the mics preferred by the professional singers on stage, then it would cost you no less than $150-$200. However, if you are willing to buy a microphone for posting the videos on social networking sites or YouTube, then you can easily avail the inexpensive ones. In addition, you can find the latest eBay gadget deals for your desired mic.
  • Additional Accessories – make sure to buy the additional accessories for your microphone system. Some of the major accessories include microphone stands, pop filters, microphone patterns, shock mounts, and much more. Usually, in most of the cases, the microphone accessories come with the package, you can also avail the same separately from online stores and retail markets.

What Mic do Youtubers Use? Top 6 Mics that Can Rock Your YouTube Videos

The Youtubers not only prefer the quality mics that possess a long durability but their mic also aids them to record a clear sounding video. Here are some most common types of mic used by the YouTubers

  1. Apogee MiC 96K

Apogee MiC 96K

This recording system can provide you with the superior quality sound similar to somewhat the sound recorded in the studio. It has also been chosen by various on-stage performers and professional musicians. You can either link Apogee MiC 96K to your windows and Mac or can connect the same to your Smartphone device. Although this device is compatible with the Mac and other mobile devices, it has given a high tag price of around $200.

  1. Focusrite Scarlette Studio Pack

Focusrite Scarlette Studio Pack

If you desire to buy an amazing package of microphones for YouTube within the limited budget yet superior sound system then what is better than going for Focusrite Scarlette Studio Pack? This mic system can save your investment by providing a set of headphones, low-noise mic cable, and an audio interface. Though this sound system can’t be listed under the fancy studio-quality microphones, the same is capable of providing you with the semi-pro class recording that can be the best fit for your YouTube videos. You can connect the Focusrite Scarlette to the windows as well as Mac.

  1. Rode NT1-A

Rode NT 1 A

It is an advanced microphone that is not only used by the Youtubers but is the major preference of the professional studio singers. With the amazing playback facilities and a superior quality vocal recording, it is a low noise mic that can avoid the unwanted sounds of ‘fuzz and piss’ while recording. Make sure to get an audio interface and other additional accessories before working with it.

  1. Razer Sieren Pro Elite

Razer Sieren Pro Elite

Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional, and bidirectional are the four major patterns of recording that are supported by this sound system.  Whether you are publishing an interview in the YouTube or desire to post an acoustic, Razer Sieren Pro Elite can turn out to be the most appropriate choice. Though it is tagged with a $229, if you want to invest in the system that has a long-lasting lifespan then Razer Siere Pro Elite is made for you.

  1. Samson Go Mic

Samson Go Mic

Another excellent addition to the microphone is a Samsung Go Mic. Apart from providing a clear sound quality in YouTube videos, this mic can be used in interviews, video conferencing, online chats, and much more. It can be connected to the windows and Mac Devices and can also be carried while traveling. With the availability of this microphone at cheap rates, Samsung Go Mic offers Omnidirectional as well as Cardioid recording patterns.

  1. Audio Technica AT2035

Audio Technica AT2035

Audio Technica AT2035 is capable of being utilized inside the home as well as in the studios. This system ensures the clear yet exact delivery of the sound recorded in the same. The major reason for why Audio Technica AT2035 is opted by a large number of YouTube users is that it supports Cardioid polar pattern. With reasonable rates and high reliability, this Mic can turn out to be the best one.

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