Getting the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers For Your Ride

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As fun as it can be to take a long ride out on the highway or the open road on your motorcycle, it can get boring after a while if you don’t have something to listen to. Fortunately, you can use wireless motorcycle helmet speakers to listen to anything you want to while on your bike. You can use these without any annoying wires in most cases, not to mention you don’t have to worry about external speakers bothering other people around you.

But as you look for a quality motorcycle helmet speaker set, you have to look at what’s available. You need to find speakers that are easy to hear out of while being easy to set up and use in your helmet. There are a few things to look for when you’re aiming to find the best motorcycle helmet speakers that make your ride more fun.

Best Choices

ModelBattery Life (in hours)Control FeaturesColdest Temperature For Use (in F)
Outdoor Technology Chips 2.0 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio + Walkie-Talkie (OT0052)10Tap left ear to adjust sound-4
SCS ETC Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Helmet Headset S-78Use the side control0
Radioddity Wireless Stereo Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.0 Helmet Headset8Power button on left ear, volume control on the side of that ear0
iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet SpeakersDependent on your Bluetooth baseControl the sound through your mobile device-4
Maveek Helmet Bluetooth 4.1 Headset8Control through your mobile device0

Outdoor Technology Chips 2.0 Universal Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio + Walkie-Talkie (OT0052) – Great For Communication Needs

This first choice among the best motorcycle helmet speakers Bluetooth options you can find is this model from Outdoor Technology. The 40mm drivers produce clear sounds while also being easy to tune up or down. Press the left ear button twice to increase the volume or once to decrease the sound intensity. A built-in microphone is also included inside the setup.

The ODT Walkie-Talkie app lets you adjust your headset to let you communicate with other people on a walkie-talkie network. You can load this up to your phone and use the program to communicate with others over a secure network. The audio from the setup will come directly through your headset. This feature is valuable for when you’re looking to communicate with your fellow riders while on the road. The built-in microphone in the headset makes talking easy as well.


  • Works with most helmet audio liners
  • Voice commands allow you to switch tracks and other actions with your player
  • Powerful Hi-Fi sound quality

  • The volume control is uneven
  • Sometimes one speaker may not connect to the Bluetooth link

SCS ETC Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Helmet Headset S-7 – Lasts For a While on the Road

The S-7 headset from SCS ETC uses a Bluetooth 4.1 link to produce the best link from the headset to your mobile device. The 40mm speakers will not only produce quality sounds but also block out ambient noise. You can also switch from the stereo feature to a speakerphone setup for when you need to answer a call or message that comes to your headset.

The eight-hour battery life ensures you’ll have plenty of entertainment during a long ride. Meanwhile, you can quickly install the headset onto your helmet by not only adding the speakers into the helmet but also with securing a control panel on the side. The panel lets you adjust the volume and intercom features in moments.

A microphone input is included on the connector input. The positioning ensures that you can get fast access to the microphone setup.


  • Takes about two hours for you to charge
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 link is stronger and faster to work with
  • The control panel is easy to install and control

  • Does not come with a battery remind function
  • The intercom feature uses a wired controller that is not always easy to use

Radioddity Wireless Stereo Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.0 Helmet Headset – Quick Installation Features

The earpieces on this Radioddity headset are 16mm thick to produce a comfortable space that fits well inside your helmet. The power button on the side entails a sizeable button that lets you control the audio in moments. The volume control appears on the side of that button space.

The Velcro features on the headset make it easier for you to install the headset into the helmet. The Velcro can adhere itself well to the inside, although the helmet should be cleaned off and dried out when installing the headset to ensure this stays secure well enough.

The Bluetooth 4.0 link does well for managing clear sounds without static or interference. The unit also reminds you when phone calls or texts are sent to your mobile device. The microphone connection lets you respond to those calls and messages as demanded. Press the button on the side to trigger the call answering feature.


  • Charges in one hour
  • A short distance from the headset to the microphone
  • The Bluetooth setup works at distances of up to 10 meters away

  • The charge port is directly attached to one of the earpieces and might add weight
  • Maximum volume is limited, thus making the headset inappropriate for high-speed riders

iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers – Works For Wired or Wireless Needs Alike

This iASUS model doubles as both a Bluetooth-capable model and as a wired choice that allows you to link the speaker setup to a mobile device. For the Bluetooth setup, you would have to plug the speakers into a small Bluetooth receiver, although that should not be tough to secure to your helmet.

The technical quality of the speakers is also a vital part of what makes these speakers from iASUS work. The design features cleaner bass sounds with 40mm drivers producing the quality noise.

The Kevlar-reinforced speaker wires ensure the speaker setup will stay intact with the left and right earbuds not wearing out. Foam covers are also included to keep you comfortable while wearing the headset. Velcro is also added to simplify the installation process, thus ensuring the headset will stay intact and not slip out.


  • Produces better high and low sounds
  • Handles pressure from movements well
  • The flexible ear cups keep you from feeling hot or uncomfortable

  • Does not have a dedicated volume control
  • The chassis of each speaker point is thick

Maveek Helmet Bluetooth 4.1 Headset

Maveek makes the last of the choices for you to review. This headset uses a Bluetooth 4.1 chip for a faster and clearer wireless connection. The band on the top part bends well to fit within your helmet. The Magic Sticker adhesive system works on most helmet sleeves.

A microphone is linked to one of the ends and can be curved out next to the side of your helmet to keep the feature from sticking out. You can also use a microUSB connection to link the headset to a USB port for power after you run out. The eight-hour battery lifespan on the headset provides you with enough time for all your entertainment desires while on the road.

The thin design made possible by the Bluetooth 4.1 connection provides you with a comfortable surface. The small pads will not add lots of bulk into the helmet.


  • Charges up in an hour
  • Handles a range of 20 to 30 meters depending on your device
  • The Li-ion battery is not at risk of overheating

  • No audience battery alerts
  • Takes a moment to respond to calls or texts

Buying Guide

Support For Connections

The first thing to do when finding the best motorcycle helmet speakers is to see how well the connectivity functions in the set works. Bluetooth connections are used in most situations thanks to the simplicity of the Bluetooth standard. You would have to look at how your mobile device can identify the headset for this to work.

Look at how well the headset can handle a phone call too. The headset should feature a built-in microphone to make it easier for you to speak to others when your mobile device takes in a phone call.

Be advised that some helmet speakers come with wires that have to link to your mobile device. Check that any wires for this situation are reinforced well enough and are long enough to connect to your device without limiting your movement.

How Is the Volume?

Check out the volume on your helmet speaker set so you will have something that lets you hear anything quite well. The speaker should feature a volume control that is easy to access while producing a comfortable sound. Be advised though that the volume should not be too loud to the point where you are overly irritated, or your hearing is put in jeopardy. Some headsets will limit the volume output, thus making them harder to use if you’re going to ride real fast or your bike has a naturally loud engine.

Battery Point

Your wireless motorcycle helmet speakers can work with rechargeable batteries. You can use a USB port or another compatible link on your unit to charge up the battery after a while. Your headset can work for hours at a time, although the amount of time the headset will specifically run for will vary by model. Sometimes you might also drain the battery on your speaker set a little faster than what you want to do as well.

Durability Is a Must

You have to ensure the headset you use is strong enough to last for an entire ride. Your headset has to be sturdy to where the unit will not wear out from all that pressure within your helmet. Of course, this works best when the speaker set fits inside the helmet well enough and does not shift around as you use it. Don’t forget to see that the speakers can fit in well enough to insulate your ears and keep you focused on the sounds coming out of the speakers and not on your bike engine.

Driver Quality

The drivers used in your helmet speakers should be strong enough to produce clear Hi-Fi sounds. A larger magnet generally suggests that the sounds will be more powerful and can move out clearly. Either way, the design should help you hear the sounds over your motorcycle engine.

Installation Features

Be aware of how well you can install your helmet speakers into your helmet. You might need a Velcro base to keep the speakers intact. In other cases, some adhesives might have to be applied within the helmet. Either way, the speaker design should be secure enough to produce a comfortable feeling that will not slip out of the helmet while in use.

Our Verdict

We have determined that the best of the wireless motorcycle helmet speakers you can use is the Outdoor Technology Chips 2.0 headset. This design is easy to install while using a convenient walkie-talkie setup. The simple microphone feature helps you to get in touch with your fellow riders on the same network as well. The easy setup and the simplified volume control make it even more helpful.

But no matter what you choose, you will find that there are many options to utilize when getting the best motorcycle helmet speakers you can use. The choices you have are diverse and will provide you with the entertainment and convenience you deserve while out on the road.

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