Handy Tips To Enhance The Sound Quality Of Your Vlogs

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Vlogs are something that has gained a lot of popularity and although people enjoy reading blogs they definitely prefer watching a vlog because it’s more entertaining and it gives them more information. If you are a vlogger and you are now searching for the best vlogging camera for your need, you need to do proper research. One of the most frustrating things about a vlog is that it is extremely annoying when the video quality is great but the sound quality is really low. If you want to ensure that your sound quality is top notch then here are some handy tips that will ensure you always maintain the same for your vlog.

Record In A Quiet Environment

In order for you to get good quality audio on your vlog it is extremely necessary for you to ensure that the room that you are recording your vlogs in is quiet and there is no noise that is disturbing the recording. A lot of times people do not realise that they sit and record their vlogs in areas that are noisy and it could affect the overall quality. While you might want to believe that it’s convenient for you to do so by simply taking your microphone and getting it close to you, you need to understand that in order for you to be able to record a clear recording, the area has to be devoid of all the other sounds. Another great way for you to do this is to invest in a sound cancellation microphone. This will cost a little more but it will help you to get rid of all the background noise and focus on your voice alone making the vlog clearer and audible.

Pay Attention To The Microphone

It’s not just about the quality of the microphone that you invest in but also where you place it. While it’s definitely recommended to invest in a sound cancelling microphone, you also need to make sure that the microphone is close to your mouth piece so each time you talk it records everything that you say. Try keeping the fans off while you’re recording and type as little as possible because the noise of the keyboard also gets recorded and this disturbs the overall output of the audio.

sound quality for vlogging

Speak Slowly

While it is easy for you to understand what you say and people in your country might be able to figure out what you are talking about, it is really necessary that you speak slowly so that people from all across the globe understand what you are saying, In case there are multiple people who own a vlog it is very important for them to remember that one person at a time speaks. If the two of them spoke together it’s not going to be understandable and people will get annoyed watching the vlog.


Make sure that you pronounce everything very clearly especially when it comes to proper nouns. If you aren’t sure about it, always take your time to get research done about this so that you are able to speak in a clear tone that is audible and understandable by everyone.

While you might have a very strong mother tongue influence or an accent it is essential for you to try to speak in a neutral tone so that you are audible by everyone and you are also understood by everyone who’s watching the vlog.


Instead of going live with a vlog for the very first time, always test your equipment so that you know for a fact that the video quality, as well as the audio quality of the vlog, is top notch. It might take you a little experimenting and you might have to invest in it each time you are doing this but once you actually manage to do it, it gets extremely convenient and you will be able to record vlogs that everyone enjoys.

Vlogs are the next big thing and people all across the globe definitely prefer to listen to and watch something interesting rather than read boring text on the screen. In order to use to keep your vlog interesting, you need to add a little persona and ensure that people are hooked onto it. While it is important for you to have clean audio, it is also important for you to choose the subject correctly. Take your time to get your research done and try picking out topics that are trending and happening because that’s what interests most of the people.

You should always share your vlogs on social media because that’s where you get maximum exposure and people learn about your vlogging skills. It does take a little time for vlogging to catch on but do not give up hope when you start. Rather than that invest a little time in the activity so that you get a lot of hits and people get used to you. These days there are a number of equipments available in the market for you to invest in that can help enhance your vlogging skills when it comes to video as well as audio. Try getting some research done so that you manage to choose the device that is extremely beneficial for you.

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