5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vintage Jukeboxes

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Jukebox- sounds familiar to almost everyone. It is a digital platform where one can create digital music rooms in a jiffy. A collection of favorite music files- this is what we know in 21st century and it is true. Well, if we peep in the history of music, we will come to know that jukeboxes were big-sized machines that were used to play self-stored music in ancient times. These music machines are still alive in market and we call them Vintage Jukeboxes. They make a great investment and we have got you all the reasons to own one.

      1. Treat for the ‘Classic’ Lovers

For someone who loves to own vintage items, like me, a jukebox is like a treat or rather, a feast I would say! A perfect blend of an antique from history and a playful item, vintage jukebox is a must to invest for anyone looking for a period piece. And the fun part is, it would not only add to your vintage collection, but you can also make use of it; well that is why it is a Jukebox. You can go for the oldest coin-operated music player or invest in a smarter version of the same.


     2. Connects to The Roots of Music

The Vintage Jukeboxes are not only a grand addition to any old-time collectibles, but they connect you to the roots where the music was originated. Playing the music as per the older days is fun and an experience in itself. Enjoy the music with the colored lights that are equipped on the jukeboxes and feel a connection to the ancient times when your forefathers would have been using these to enjoy the beats during a party or just for a pastime. Select your favorite music by typing the name from the keys and it will play from the default collection stored in the jukebox.


      3. Invites Attention

Well, it is obvious and needless to mention that the vintage Jukebox will act as honey for the bees! People will love you, or at least show that they love seeing you time and again just to have a sight of that wonder box lying in the corner of your living room. Children would be your most visited guests, so be ready to be the host for uninvited visitors. Well this is going to be the fun of your life. If you are planning to throw a party, why not allow the inner rockstars of your guests join the musical atmosphere. The combination of vintage jukebox with a new age karaoke machine will add extra charm to your party. Rest assured that your guests will love such musical evening.

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      4. Newer Versions Come with Advancements

Old is Gold and Original is the best. However, if you are looking for a little advanced jukebox keeping the same structure, you can get that too! After all, we are in a world of technology and progression. The jukeboxes in 21st century come with new features imbibed like increased storage space- 2000 songs can be stored as against to the original jukeboxes, which could store a maximum of 70 songs at a time. Some manufacturers have also added features like a remote control, shuffle system and Bluetooth connectivity- you read that correct. So, what do you think about an advanced jukebox with no compromise on the retro charm?


      5. Make Money

This sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are looking to invest in vintage jukeboxes and thinking to make money out of it, you are planning no wrong. The vintage lovers are spending a considerable amount on buying a jukebox. The older the precious is how the business works. The oldest models of jukeboxes are selling at a price of five figures (Pound) in UK, I repeat 5 figures sum it is! On the other hand; the newer, the cheaper i.e. the latest versions can be seen being sold at as cheap as £500. The vintage market sells the oldest numbers in big figures and the prices are always seen appreciating and reason being the availability of very few original models, which are the nerves of vintage market.


History is what keeps us alive and is a source of learning for us and products like vintage jukeboxes add to our experiences and connect us to where the human race had started. They are beautiful, antique as well as one of their kinds.


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